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Borges Ranch Flowering Plants

April 16, 2004

This "trail" starts at the back right end of the gravel parking lot located at the far end and above the Boundary Oaks Golf Course parking lot. Take the road leading to the shooting range and bear right into this gravelly lot. Start at the sign, walk to the road above and turn left. Cross the road under the high-tension lines and continue at the same elevation across the road. This path eventually takes you to a level area after two or three short slippery downhill patches. Continue on this level for about 3/4 of a mile and then take the sharp steep path up to the next level. Here, there are several flowers and from there you may re-trace your path back to your car.

Common Name Color Scientific Name Peterson Refs. Where Seen
Castor Bean ----- ----- ----- In parking lot
Poison Oak ----- Toxicodendron diversilobum K 112 Just starting to bloom
Sagebrush ----- Artemisia californica K 86 Not in bloom yet
Sweet Fennel ----- Foeniculum vulgare 170 Not in bloom yet
Blue dicks Blue Dichelostemma pulchellum 352 All over
Blue-eyed grass Blue Sisyrinchium bellum 350 All over
Purple Nightshade Blue Solanum xanthi 382 Road sides
Blue Oak Blue leaves Quercus douglasii K40 Road sides
Coulter's Thistle Pink Cirsium coulteri 328 Quarry area
Italian Thistle Pink Cirsium arvense 328 All over
Owls Clover Pink Orthocarpus purpurascens 240 Hill tops
Scarlet Pimpernel Pink Anagallis arvensis 304 Road sides
Arroyo Lupine Purple Lupinus succulentus 376 Road sides
Filaree—storksbill Purple Erodium moschatum 286 All over
Lemmon's Paintbrush Red Castilleja lemmonii 244 Quarry area
Scarlet Bugler Red Penstemon centranthifolius 238 Canyon
Black Sage White Salvia californica K 100 Road sides
Buckeye White Aesculus californica K48 First Blossoms
Chamise White Adenostoma fasciculatim K106 Road sides
Common Yarrow White Achillea millefolium 108 All over
Manroot White Marah organus 98 Not in bloom yet
Miner’s lettuce White Montia spathulata 294 Wet cool places
Radish White Raphanus raphanistrum K240 All over
Sagebrush White Artimesia californica K86 Not in bloom yet
Wavy Leaf Soap Plant White Chlorogalum pomeridianum 12 Not in bloom yet
Bellardia Whte/Pink Bellardia trixago 310 All over
Birdsfoot Lotus Yellow Lotus corniculatus 180 Road sides
Elderberry Yellow Sambucus racemosa K48 Two in bloom
Golden Fairy Lantern Yellow Calochortus amabilis 122 Arroyo area
Great ValleyGum Plant Yellow Grindelia camporum 212 Just starting to bloom
Hop Bush Yellow Ptelea crenulata K112 Two in bloom
Mustard Yellow Brassica geniculata 140 All over
Pineapple Weed Yellow Matricaria matricarioides 210 Road sides
Red Alder Yellow Alnus rhombifolia K 42 Road sides
Yellow Star Thistle Yellow Centaurea solstitialis 210 All over
Yellow Sweet Clover Yellow Melilotus indica 178 All over

(1) Peterson's "Pacific States Wildflowers"
(2) Keater, "Plants of the East Bay Parks