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Community Service Day 2012

Volunteers at Bayberry Pond during Community Service Day 2012

Community Service Day

Each year The Foundation sponsors projects on Walnut Creek's Community Service Day, a citywide event to encourage people to volunteer for the betterment of our community. This past year on Oct 6, 2012, One group of volunteers assembled bluebird boxes that had been previously cut by the Rossmoor Woodshop. Then they went out and installed wood duck boxes around the natural lake at Heather Farm, so we were able to help two species of birds. The second group of volunteers worked at Bayberry Pond in Lime Ridge North preparing two sites for winter planting. For more information about Community SErvice Day or to sign up to participate next year visit The City's Community Service Day webpage.

Lesley Hunt

Education Programs

Students in the Open Space

6th graders from Seven Hill School planting grasses in Heather Farm Park

The Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation works to promote widespread appreciation of our open space, its scenic beauty, recreational benefits and environmental character in a variety of ways.

We sponsor wildflower and birding walks to help people recognize and appreciate the plants and animals found in our open space. We provide information in our newsletters and on our website to describe geology, and many aspects of natural history. We describe walks you can take and list flowering plants to be seen along several routes. We also donate books on the area's natural history to schools and libraries.

Bill Hunt