Open Space Background

Walnut Creek Open Space Guides and Interesting Information

The more you know about the Open Space, the more you will enjoy being there and seeing what's in it. To this purpose we have created several articles on interesting topics associated with natural history, wildlife, and our Open Spaces. There are also several wildflower guides that were created in 2004 and 2009 to give you a reference to what native plants can be seen in various locations.

If you have any questions or suggestions for topics you would like to see covered, please contact Us.

Articles on Natural History, Wildlife, and our Open Spaces

Allelopathy - How plants suppress competition.

Dead Tree Ecology - Part of life in the Open Space.

Deciduousness - What's going on with trees losing their leaves?

Droppings - Looking at yesterdy's menu.

Edge Effects - What happens when one habitat meets another?

Eyes - they aren't all the same.

Fire Following Plants - Fire creates an opportunity for plants and great flower displays for us!

Fond Memories - Reflections on my grandparents and 1950s Shell Ridge.

Geology of the Shell and Lime Ridges

Growing Up - why do plants grow upward?

Healing Wounds - How trees heal themselves.

Lichens - The colorful spots on rocks are pioneer settlers.

Mistletoe - You know about kissing under it, but what about the rest of its life?

Oak Bark - How it grows.

Oak Galls - Those brown balls you see on oak trees.

Oak Varieties - What kinds we have.

Out of Sight - Clues animals leave.

Spiders and their Webs - Thinking about spider webs.

Trash in the Open Space - Maybe things are getting better.

Wind Pruning - How the wind shapes trees.

Special thanks for Jerry Fritzke for the material contributed so far!

2004 Plant Guides

Fossil Hill - Use the Sutherland Entrance to Shell Ridge

March 17th April 27th

Shell Ridge - Use the Sutherland Entrance to Shell Ridge

March 10th April 2nd April 9th May 20th

Borges Ranch - Start at the Borges Ranch Entrance to Shell Ridge (not Borges Ranch - Bob Pond)

March 22nd April 8th April 30th

Lime Ridge - Use the Boundary Oak Entrance to Lime Ridge

March 23rd April 1st April 16th April 17th April 30th May 25th

2009 Plant Guides

Acalanes Ridge - Use the Sousa Drive Entrance to Acalanes Ridge

March 30th