Open Space Background

Bayberry Pond Restoration

In 2008 the Foundation used a Civic Pride Grant to partially fund restoration of Bayberry Pond near the Bayberry Drive entrance to Lime Ridge Open Space (North). This project is in many ways our most ambitious to date. We were happy to have an opportunity to increase riparian habitat in Lime Ridge because it has less water than the other Open Space units. Accumulated sediment was removed from the pond so that it will retain water longer in the spring.

We are hoping that our newly-improved pond will attract a variety of amphibians and provide drinking water well into the summer. However, while we wanted more and longer-lasting water in the pond, we did not want to create a perennial pond because we did not want to encourage the reproduction of the non-native and voracious bullfrogs.

Our second objective at Bayberry was to create a native seed bank in Lime Ridge North since it has so few natives. We have therefore planted a wider variety of species than would normally be found in an area of the size of this project.

In 2012, the Foundation received an award from the Action for Beauty Council for our work on Bayberry Pond.

Visual Tour of Bayberry Pond Changes Over the Years